Supper Time – Recorded live during hymn night

It’s been a long time since we’ve done this old hymn, so when we did we definitely had to record it.

When I was just a boy in days of childhood,
I used to play till evening shadows come.
Then winding down an old familiar pathway,
I heard my mother call at set of sun:

Come home, come home,
It’s supper time,
The shadows lengthen fast.
Come home, come home,
It’s supper time,
We’re going home at last.

One day beside her bedside I was kneeling,
And angel wings were winnowing the air.
She heard the call for supper time in heaven,
And I know she’s waiting for me there.

In visions now I see her standing yonder,
And her familiar voice I hear once more.
The banquet table’s ready up in heaven,
It’s supper time upon the golden shore.


Click here to see the lyric and chord sheet for this song:  Supper Time (Key of F)

Walk of Grace Chapel, Council Bluffs Church