Love Finds A Way – Original Song by Casey and Jason

Love Finds A Way

Worship team members Casey Payne and Jason Hannah played a song for us that they had written along with their friend Jim Blair.


love finds a way to live inside everyone
chooses to stay, to live,
to breathe and right the wrong

sometimes it’s beaten, sometimes mocked but can’t be killed
the unlovliest thing, we cannot bear it face to face
love finds a way to heal the hardest heart of stone
and to become the most beautiful thing !

love, love finds a way (x2)

love finds a way to take the most beautiful thing
and make it greater than all imagining

sometimes we think that true love cannot be real
that’s when we think that all there is is what we feel
love finds a way to wake the very heart within
that wishes and dreams while true love wins

love, love finds a way (x2)

Walk of Grace Chapel, Council Bluffs Church